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Custom projects

Designing and developing our hardware in-house, we have the chance to listen to our customers  requests, suggestions and wishes and therefore we find ways to satisfy them.

How to? If you are looking for a custom project, contact NAVIOP explaining your needs, ideas and wishes. Our R&D department will develop with you fully customized software and hardware solutions.

New projects

Over the years we developed and manufactured cutting-edge monitoring and control systems which features high performances and reliability, complying with all major standard certifications required in the marine market. Hardware and software already tested and verified: the customer can decide the controls and the information to show, by just choosing among our wide range of panels and monitoring pages.

How to? If you are building a new boat, our catalogue includes a wide range of hardware and software solutions that you can choose and mix to create the monitoring system which fits better with the design of your boat and the need of your customer. You can simply compose your system by choosing the shapes and materials of panels that you like the most and the monitoring pages which perform the most important controls through a very impressive, modern and user-friendly graphics interface.


Our new proposals dedicated to the world of retrofit: all sailing and motor boats which don’t have any monitoring system. Our catalogue includes a wide range of “closed” fully scalable solutions allowing integration and monitoring on almost all on-board controls in one display. Thanks to the ease of installation and use and to the high strength of a technology specifically designed for marine  environment, our closed solutions are perfect for not-new boats, where the optimization of spaces and costs is crucial.

How to? Decide which controls you want to perform on your boat and choose in our catalogue the solutions which fits better with your needs. Then… simply install it on your boat. The base kits are provided with brand new touch-screen operating panels and a set of pre-tested and verified monitoring pages which enable to perform several given controls with no need to make lots of activities on your boat.

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