Freedom to visualize

The SHARP VIDEO DVI unit is the core of Naviop ultimate visualization system, based on N-Design (runtime) applications software.

This device allows to show all Naviop monitor and control solutions on whichever kind and size of panel (displays, television, monitors, etc.).

The unit is designed and approved specifically for use in marine environment and meets all the requirements of ruggedness and reliability. Provided with very powerful processor series, it can manage several input/output video channels and communications ports: DVI-I input, PAL input, analogical video signals, DVI-D output, ethernet and many more.

The units are all equipped with preloaded graphic interface for the Naviopm monitoring and control system


Sharp Video Unit 

The SHARP VIDEO unit is the core of the “integrated glass bridge” and NAVIOP GEN3 visualization system based on WindowsCE 6.0 R2 Operative system and NAVIOP NMADE (runtime) application software.

The unit is designed specifically for use in marine environments and it meets all the requirements of ruggedness and reliability. Its die-cast aluminium enclosure  has excellent thermal transfer properties.

Provided with a 600MHz processor with fpu unit it can manage the following several input/output video channels and communication ports:

1x single link DVI-I input: it is a port compatible with the DVI 1.0 standard and supports both the VGA analogic interface and the digital one (single link); max. SXGA resolution (1280×1024 @ 60Hz). Images coming from the DVI input can be used and processed by the NAVIOP NMADE graphics engine. The DVI port is compatible with  the input video support offered by NAVIOP NMADE.

2x PAL input: the analogic  video signals, once decoded, are sent to SOM in ITU656 format and stored in the video memory where the images coming from the PAL input can be used and processed by the NAVIOP NMADE graphics engine. The PAL inputs are compatible with  the input video support offered by NAVIOP NMADE.

1x single link DVI-D output: : it is a single link digital port compatible with DVI v1.0 standard and it can support a max. SXGA resolution (1280×1024 @ 60Hz, 64k colour). This port is the SharpVideo output video interface towards a remote display and it is powered by the NAVIOP NMADE graphics engine. SHARP VIDEO is compatible with the “embedded bridge” application.

1x Ethernet port 10/100 BaseT: Type of connector (M12/8p), pinout and warning led in accordance with NA04 standard.

1x USB port Host and Device: USB port Host can interface with memory devices  (memory stick) and pointing ones (mouse). When connected to a display, single or integrated, the USB port Host is used to read the touch coordinates and to manage the special functionalities (brightness control, reading of the touch and light sensor, management of the video cross-point).
The USB port Device supports the “bridge software” functionality between a pointing device (touch not included) and a PC connected to it.

 Download the data sheet: NA20N0001