The T-BOX PLC is designed specifically for use in marine environments. Its fully waterproof die-cast aluminium enclosure has excellent thermal transfer properties.
The product can support the most widely used communication standards.

Up to 4 CANBUS ports (one with Power Supply), 3 communication ports configurable as RS232/422/485 and 10/100Mbit Ethernet port guarantee the possibility to interface with almost all board systems. All communication ports are electrically isolated.

More than 50 communication protocols implemented (engines, air conditioning, generators, battery chargers, entertainment systems, digital switching systems, etc.) and bridge functionality between different communication protocols with NAVIOP monitoring and control software onboard.

Powerful and intuitive programming with the CodeSys development tool based on IEC 61131-3.

Available features (depending on the model):

  • Data acquisition and transfer: collected data can be transferred via the Ethernet interface.
  • Data log and black box: the data log can be downloaded  locally or remotely using the Ethernet port.
  • Alarm management and history: the alarms and the alarm history list can be saved and downloaded via the Ethernet interface.
  • Web server: the collected data can be published on web pages and displayed by the most common browsers. Log data can be accessed via FTP or sent via e-mail.
Communication ports
Port 1
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Port 2
Port 3
Port 4
Port 5
Port 6
Port 7
Port 8
M12, 8 contacts connector (type LUMBERG PG9 RSHL 8/S 5,5

 Download the data sheet: N-NA04-0002