Enter the switching, safe and sound.

They call it digital switching when they’re not allowed to call it Loop, the original seamless system designed by industry leaders to make one of two worlds: uncompromised, scalable, efficient, and perfect for when busy on the water. Always safe and sound, nomatter the dimension of the boat.


Great experiences in small boats.

Those who love water know that small boats are often the most suitable means to explore the most hidden lagoons, to fish peacefully along the banks of a river or just to enjoy the afternoon lulled by the waves.Loop S is for smaller and lighter boats, sailing or motorized, and as a backup system in larger boats. Behind the intuitive sidebar control system, designed to be effective with even the smallest screens, there is the same technology as all Naviop Loop systems: simple to implement and incredibly efficient.


The schematics of simple yet powerful

The Naviop Loop systems are designed to handle almost any existing protocol and then adapt to the equipment of the boat, from battery and propulsion systems to navigation and courtesy lights.

Loop S embodies the same technology and power, but it’s incredibly simple to configure, based on a protocol converter (Naviop Arc) and the efficient power distribution board Egon +. For each board, you can monitor and control 8 functions for a maximum of 2 Egon +.The ideal configuration of the appropriate Loop system can be easily done with the help of the Naviop’s R&D Department or by contacting any consultant of the Navico group’s worldwide assistance network.The simplicity and cleverness of Loop S aim at providing the right amount of control on small to medium size boats, with perfect readability even on small size screens.The functions to be controlled can be chosen from a long list of standard boat requirements or can even be designed according to the boat specifications.


  • NAVIOP ARC – Protocol converter: NMEA 2000 to J1939.
  • NAVIOP EGON –  Power distribution board based on relay control. Up to 8 relay channels and up to 16 fused channels. Up to 2 units.

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