The Naviop System. REACH. TOUCH. SCREEN.


NAVIOP System is the most highly versatile, flexible and marine oriented system that can be adapted to any type of boat for maximum personalization, to meet very high comfort and security levels.

Designed to meet several needs of monitoring and control, each customer can configure and customize easily and quickly his own monitoring system choosing his preferred monitoring pages. It is available on all our HMI panels.
According to the Naviop screen chosen for the system, each application can be ordered in two different visualizations: for both portrait and landscape view (7” and 13” wide screens), for landscape view only (4”, 12”, 15” screens).

The data shown on each page can be gathered from the field in three different ways:

  • Communication protocols
  • Analogue acquisition boards
  • NMEA2000

The customer can also personalize the monitoring pages including the Shipyard’s logo, the picture of the boat and choosing the background colour within a list of predifined ones.

Each page can also include hardware devices, such as T-BOX PLC, Fos module, CAN network components, Nova light boards, Egon boards, West weather control unit, ION I/O module, N-Pilot controller, cables and accessories.

These devices have been developed to work and interface with the most widespread protocols, based on NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Canbus 2.0B, J1939, Serial 232, 422, 485, Ethernet, Modbus TCP and many more, all of them widely tested and verified.