Naviop EGON +

NAVIOP EGON + is the brand new power distribution board able to supply power to the all boat. It enables to eliminate the electrical panel and to manage the lines through a compact and cheap power distribution system. EGON + reduces the cables necessary on a boat, considerably cutting down costs and time of wiring. As a single and cumbersome electrical panel is not necessary anymore, it is possible to delocalize the power distribution system to better use rooms available on-board.

The EGON unit communicates over a CAN bus using the SAE J1939 protocol and it is an excellent solution to control and monitor circuits up to 20Amps at 12Vdc or up to 10Amps at 24Vdc. By communicating with other devices on the CAN bus network, it can be part of a multiplexing system in order to eliminate the need of individual connections between switches and loads. EGON + is rated at 200 Amps, with individual outputs 12Vdc or 24Vdc rated up to 30Amps with fuses. EGON + controls relays via direction of J1939 CAN bus and reports every second the status of relays and fuses to the J1939 CAN bus, indicating any blown fuse or failed relay. The unit is equipped with 8 outputs controlled via relays and 8 outputs in which the fuse can be only monitored.

Relay By-Pass. The EGON + board  has 8 inputs to pilot directly relay coils, assuring in this way a by-pass also in emergency conditions (ex.: failure on the CAN BUS line). These inputs can also be used to realize commands out of the board (ex.: via switch).

Waterproof to high pressure spraying (IP66). EGON + is designed and manufactured with robust features such as a heavy-duty housing, silicon and Gortex gasketing, and protective conformal coated electronics. Based on proven and patented technology it is suited for the most demanding marine applications.

Environmental conditions
Operational temperature
-40 ÷ 85°C
Storage temperature
-40 ÷ 125°C
Salt fog
Subject to a 96 hours period of salt fog per ASTM B117-94
Temperature life
+85 °C
Thermal Shock
-40 ÷ 85°C
Mechanical shock
EC2002), section 6.16
Bombardment test
24 hours of dust, sand and gravel
Protection class
SAE J1455 (R2006), section 4.10 4.2
Chemical resistance
Brake fluid, AT fluid, Antifreeze, windshield wash fluid, PS fluid, oil

Housing for auxiliary fuses

 Download the data sheet: BUSS-1851-2M