Naviop at Mets Trade 2018

Even this year Naviop attended the METS Trade located in Amsterdam, to present the new range of Loop System.

Loop is a range of products, each of them flexible and customizable, still granting the control and navigation features previously operated by bigger systems. The integrated approach greatly reduces technical redundancy and device duplication,making Loop an inherently perfect  choice for small to medium sized new and refitted boats.  Loop is scalable and designed in a  coherent way that offers an integrated solution for a range of yard’s ships or for the needs of a single customer, providing increasingly complex customization.

Naviop Loop is designed to be the seamless interlock between the acclaimed Navico navigation controls (under Lowrance, Simrad and B&G brands) and the successful Naviop monitoring solutions. Where there used to be two very different worlds in terms of technological frames, interfaces, even different screens, you now have a single device providing complete access to marine monitoring and controls along with an ever-expanding list of sophisticated navigation systems.
Naviop’s leadership in the heavily customized super-yachts market led to the ability to standardize a complete set of controls, complying with all major certifications.