As a piece of cake!

Naviop monitoring is an open project. You can count on our expertise to simply create bespoke solutions based on the flexible Naviop products.

Design you automation and control project. As a piece of cake: follow three simple steps to create your open project.





Choose your HMI screen

A complete series of HMI screens and DVI units, approved and designed for marine applications. These devices are tested to strictly meet all the requirements of ruggedness and reliability.
The complete range includes crystal, glass and polycarbonate screen panels. The Sharp Video DVI unit is required for Crystal Series HMI screens for any generic HMI screen not made by Naviop.



Add applications, PLC and all the components you need.

A wide range of monitor and control applications which can be chosen and combined one with another to meet each customer requirements (lights, air conditioning, tank levels, engines…). The PLC units and needed components come bundled with each application. Besides the touch interaction, you can add to your project the NPilot, a remote controller designed for Naviop.



Naviop know-how is always included.

Full customer care: Naviop ensures a personal treatment to customers and support them before, during and after sales.

Service: for assistance you can use one of Naviop 70 worldwide service points.

Full remote: enabling customers to remotely connect to the system via PC through Ethernet connection. This service allows a continuous realtime check by Naviop technicians.