Plus your project!

Naviop OEM supplies are products dedicated to skilled customers. Each element is designed to add a piece of Naviop expertise to your own project. Just pick and choose, each element works indipendently and can interact with a wide range of products and environments.

Take advantage from the renowned Naviop R&D quality, plus your project.

OEM Solution

Design your own automation and control project, to fit perfectly in marine, automotive or factory environments. Or in the next one. Take advantage of the Naviop experience including Naviop software and hardware elements within your project


1 Knowledge

Take advantage from our experience.

Customer care: Naviop ensures a personal treatment to customers and support them before, during and after sales.

Service: for assistance you can use one of Naviop 70 worldwide service points.

Remote: Access to a new service which enables customers to remotely connect to the panel via PC through Ethernet connection.


2 Software

Add Naviop Software

N Design: the NAVIOP software platform for creation and management of HMI  applications.

Codesys: One of the most powerful IEC 61131-3 programming tools for controllers.

Apps: developed by NAVIOP engineers to grant high performances and control. Only suitable for NAVIOP BULK panels range.

Libraries: a wide range of software libraries ready to be used within the PLCs.


3 hardware

Choose Naviop Hardware.

HMI Screens: 7 full series of HMI Screens, approved and designed for marine applications. They meet all requirements of ruggedness and reliability.

PLC: the PLC units are specifically designed for use in marine environments.

Components: hardware components specifically designed to widen and complete the NAVIOP range of products.

Cables: a wide range of cables (CANbus, Serial, Ethernet and Supply) of different types and lengths, all featuring a high index of protection IP67.



The plus of knowledge: the renowned Naviop customer care is always included in any OEM product