Boat checking, thefull view.

When at the helm of your boat, you need to manage increasingly complex on-board technology: Loop M focuses on allowing you to have a monitoring and control system sporting a clear view of power board status, up to the single fuse or relay.And it comes with your style, of course.


Complex tech, made simple and custom

Fishing boats, pontoons, small motorboats, and sailing boats: these are the boats on which you want to spend quality time, safe and in full control. A medium sized boat deserves more than a “medium” control and monitoring system, it deserves Loop M, a perfectly fitted solution, scalable and convenient, but uncompromised in regard to technology and design.


The schematics of boat checking

A customized monitoring and control system sporting dedicated pages with a clear view of power board status, up to the single fuse or relay. The schematics are the same, simple and efficient, of bigger Loop systems, based on the Naviop OP Box processing and protocol unit, with an Egon + power distribution board for each group of 8 relay channels. Loop M can use a maximum of two Egon +, which is more than adequate for most boats in the 20-30 ft length overall range. The functions to be controlled can be

chosen from a long list of standard boat requirements or can even be designed according to the boat specifications. For example, Loop M enables users to monitor, manage, and control key functionalities such as horn, lighting, navigation lights, bilge pumps, and other vital services on board.


NAVIOP OP BOX LITE – Processing and protocols Unit with PLC programming capability. Ethernet to J1939.

NAVIOP EGON+ – Power distribution board based on relay control. Up to 8 relay channels and up to 16 fused channels.

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