The NOVA SERIES CANBUS power distribution boards are specifically designed to provide with power all the boat. Mosfet or relais version is available so to match each boat need. The NOVA bards are also equipped with an override, so if electronics fails it is possible to control the main lines through a given button.


NOVA: lighting control and monitoring

The relay actuation board with NOVA CANBUS interface is a device specifically designed for the nautical environment that can drive up to 8 separate users, each of which is protected by a removable fuse.

Each channel is programmable in toggle or impulsive mode with a maximum absorption of 10 amps, while the card can support loads for a total of 50 amps. There is also a housing for a spare fuse (supplied).

1 CANBUS port for connection to the monitoring and control system using a Lumberg 5-pin M12 connector for fast and robust wiring, 1 RS-232 port for card programming, 8 digital inputs. The selection of the inputs and the pre-programmed operating modes can also be done by means of two rotary switches.

Two separate 24Vdc inputs guarantee the possibility of power redundancy for the on-board electronics. The board also has an override which allows, in the event of malfunctions in the control electronics, to control the privileged outputs (output 1 and 4) by a button.

Interface BUS
Can M12 connector, 5 Lumberg type poles
Can Bus Node settings
2 rotary switches (01-89)
(nominal voltage) 24 Vdc nominal (+/- 25%)
Microprocessor in operation
CAN initialization not complete or CAN update not present
Power supply(nominal voltage)
9 ÷ 32 V
Current consumption
Max 0,65A @ 24Vdc
15 A – Automotive MINI (Fast type)
Single channel max charge
10 A
Board max total charge
50 A @ 50°C
Input connection
12 removable contacts, 5.08 mm (8 digital inputs, 1 override, 1 GND, 2 independent inputs 24 Vdc)
Relay Connector type
2 contacts, 7.62 mm screw connection
Assemble type
Support rail DIN
Plastic bag with aluminium on the top

 Download the data sheet: NA05-0003